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Fall Kick-Off Meeting : Susan Foard, CPA (2014)

Susan R. Foard, CPA
Pugh CPAs
September 18th

Join us for our Fall Kickoff with Susan Foard as she addresses some of the issues below:
•    What issues/concerns are CPAs are facing?
•    Where is the industry going?
•    How did you get where you are?
•    What do you recommend fellow CPAs do to help them be successful?
•    What was integral to your success?
•    How do you navigate family/work balance?

Employee Evaluations

A growing CPA firm in Knoxville has asked what other firms do for employee evaluations. If anyone feels comfortable sharing the template for your evaluations, and any feedback on how effective you have found them to be, we will pass it along to them. If you feel it would benefit your own firm, we can share with you what we find in our research. Thank you for your help!

Please contact Carol Fox at if you have any information.


If you are new to AFWA we have monthly lunches on the third Thursdays of the month. This month we are meeting April 18th at The Tea Room off of Kingston Pike in the same shopping center as The Fresh Market. We are excited to have a fashion show, great lunch, and a great speaker, Judy Gardner.

Registering For Lunches


We have updated our website and you now have the ability to register for our lunches on our website. Please go to the Registration Tab to register and the Payment Tab to pay for your lunch. We are going to be using the website primarily for Event Registration and will be stopping the use of Event Brite.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to reach out to

Thank you for your continued support.


AFWA Knoxville Chapter